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Jameka Williams Mangham is recognized as a new legal force. In the recent opening of her new company, Mangham Law Farm LLC, which has a list of outstanding qualifications, Mangham's recent court victory is a gripping victory. The Los Angeles-born man, who is now practicing law in the Chicago area, has recently succeeded in giving a "not guilty" verdict on a man who tried to board the plane with his loaded weapons. In the past, Mangham appeared on CNN, Early Show (CBS), Dateline (NBC), and so on. Mr. Mangham is a former County State Counselor. As an assistant to the state, Mangham dealt with traffic issues such as alcohol (DUI) cases and Legal Summary Suspension (SSS) hearings. In addition, Mangham dealt with all minor crimes and all domestic violence cases, including protection orders.

Established in 2010

former prosecutor

Jameika M.
Business Owner


  • The Mangum Law Firm
  • The Mangum Law Firm


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